The company CERMEC MOTOR SA was founded in 1988 by two engine engineers issued of Formula 1 racing. Pascal Bailiff and Dominique Wermeille have established their company in Chexbres, a small village located in the heart of a beautiful region in the hills of the Lake of Geneva.

Passionate by engines and automobile racing, they founded their own company in order to revise and maintain racing engines such as historical Formula 1, F2, F3 and different types of rallies' cars.

In 1991 they were joined by Philippe Joyet, engine engineer as well, but great specialist in aircraft engines. Cermec Motor acquired in 1992 the company Willi SA which was a company specialized in aircraft engine overhaul.

At the beginning of 1997, the development of the business and the division for aircraft engine necessitated the move of the company into a new building a few kilometers away in the village of Puidoux. A modern building with more space available to absorb the growth of the activities in the following years.

For the brake-in and the run-up of these engines, a dynamometric test bench is assembled and used. This type of bench is much more efficient than test cells traditionally used. A new test bench, even bigger and more powerful is currently under development.

Since the early 2000s, the company has developed the standard exchange market by strengthening and increasing the number and type of engine available. This offer covers the most current engines.

As aviation is an area where regulation still requires more in terms of quality and safety, the company has been certificated under JAR 145 since 1995 and works under an EASA Part-145 approval since 2006.

In addition to traditional engines, the historical engines are part of the company activities. And thanks to Philippe Joyet, a great experience in this field has been developed over the years on engines such as Pratt & Whitney, Hispano or Salmson.

While remaining a human-sized company, Cermec Motor has expanded its activities steadily over the years. And while most of its engines are flying in Western Europe, it is not uncommon to find the Cermec Motor engines all around the world such as in Côte d'Ivoire, in Jordan or Tahiti.


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